Is Professional Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Having more knowledge about your air ducts will help you be more watchful for the common signs of dirty ducts. It is important for you to realize why they should be kept clean and what will happen if they are not. Please, read more information about it:

What are they for? An air duct is a long tube of metal, it’s purpose is to keep the rooms in your home at an optimal temperature. Normally, it is either a part of your HVAC system or your central heating system which means that they are installed into each room that requires heating or cooling. In commercial kitchens and restaurants, air ducts are installed to take away heat, steam and cooking smells as a result of preparing meals.
Why do they get dirty? As you can imagine, the indoor air we breathe carry millions of airborne, microscopic, and tiny particles that get trapped inside your ducts every day. If you have pets, pet hair and dust get trapped inside them. Another reason for them to get dirty is a duct leakage. If that leak is in a dirty and dusty space like your attic, for example, it will be blowing that dirty and dusty air into your rooms.
Why is it time for professional duct cleaning? Your indoor air quality should be your main concern, especially if you have relatives with allergies or breathing difficulties. But even if you don’t, the dirty air you breathe goes into your lungs and it can do a lot of damage to your health. Another great reason you should take into account is energy savings. Have your utility bills increased lately? Call a trained and qualified expert to have your ducts checked out as soon as possible. Using special equipment and cleaning solutions, they will eliminate all the unhealthy contaminants leaving them clean and dust free. This will extend the life of your AC system. Remember, a clean air duct system operates more efficiently and leads to decreased monthly bills and has positive benefits to you and your families health.
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